...It shouldn’t be hard to do good!

This is the battle cry that our entire company is based upon!

We’re in the business of serving heroes

We started with a simple idea - that paperwork and confusion shouldn’t stop you from making the world a better place.

When we began in 2012, starting a nonprofit organization and getting 501(c)3 Tax-Exempt Status had become too complicated, expensive, and time consuming. Many nonprofit founders were forced to give up before their dream saw the light of day. We have changed that forever!

Like you, we’re taking a stand to make the world a better place - that’s why our mission is to care about YOUR mission! Our technology is simple to use and we focus on the human touch. We understand what it takes because our team has been right where you are now. So come on - take one small step for a human (you)...one giant leap for humankind!


Meet your team

A great mission and purpose attracts the best people, and we have a diverse team of experienced nonprofit founders, consultants and thought leaders: Professionals who understand the nonprofit world and want to lift you over the many obstacles getting between you and your mission.

Christian LeFer
Chief Executive Officer
Christian has raised millions and run many successful campaigns during his decade-plus of fundraising and creating & marketing solutions to benefit the nonprofit sector. His mission is to empower heroes across the world to make an impact for good. His lifelong battles against Simon Bar Sinister led to expanding civil liberties and as a certified therapeutic foster and adoptive parent . When he's not swimming with his family, Christian might be found in Moab ahead of a cloud of dust trailing from his dirt bike.
Jacqui Long
Marketing & Operations
Jacquelyn Long runs our Marketing and Customer Experience, driving messaging and improving the customer experience. With a passion for human optimization, minimalism,  elevated consciousness and personal integrity, Jacqui brings an ethos to the business that serves everyone. When Jacqui isn't working, she can be found rocking Denver's Cheeseman Park 'hood, petting any dog in sight, or strapped into her snowboard and shredding the slopes of Loveland Pass in the deepest powder she can find.
Jack Harvey
Solutions Consultant
Jack Harvey recently graduated the Colorado School of Mines (go Jack!), and it is the goal of management at Yippiekiyay to undermine his pursuit of a Geology career so he can work (and yawn) year round instead of limiting himself to summer breaks at Yippiekiyay. He is as brilliant as he is in need of coffee and Twizzlers, and his penchant for helping people make the world a better place has earned him the love of our staff and customers alike. But if we run out of coffee, he may forget to enter the dates in all of the spreadsheets!

Advisory Board

Jason Collins
Husband, dad, geek, innovator, problem-solver - and whiskey aficionado - Jason Collins, known as "JC" around the Denver tech community, is heavily involved in building, mentoring, and coaching startup founders, CEO's and engineering teams. JC evangelizes innovation as a way of thinking and culture as a strategy. Jason is Chief Engineer at "startup" iTriage (acquired by Aetna).
Shannon Stone, MBA
Shannon is Senior Relationship Manager at AMG National Trust Bank where she advises businesses how to streamline operations utilize technology to optimize returns. She loves staying active in the Denver business community, including RVC Board & Corporate Tee Box, and is a recovering perfectionist who is passionate about life, love and laughter: all important considerations when raising two boys, ages 5 and 16, and a puppy.
Ed Powers
Ed Powers is a consultant specializing in customer retention and loyalty in the subscription economy. He’s a serial entrepreneur with experience in the nonprofit sector, having led the go-to-market plan for Getaway 2 Give Collection, a company combining luxury travel with charitable giving. When he’s not helping early stage companies grow, he participates in many organized bike rides benefiting Colorado charities.
Greg Katai
With 20 years experience spanning IBM, Silicon Graphics, & Agile Software - as well as several startups and as founder of a >$100M consultancy he later exited, Greg knows how to drive revenues in concert with broader company goals. A executive who's not afraid to roll up his sleeves, his strengths lie in sales, mobile & enterprise software, hardware, consulting, business management. He is happiest when attached to a bicycle.
John Daniel "Dan" Reed
With 15 years of social enterprise fundraising & marketing experience, including as Chief Development Officer with Morris Animal Foundation - and as founder of Seed, a professional development firm raising the "best practices" bar for nonprofit fundraisers - Dan holds broad expertise in nonprofit management. He serves on the board of several Denver charities, and otherwise toggles between sloppy kisses from his adorable daughter and 114-pound "Newfie".

Frequently asked questions


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How can you guarantee you are twice as fast for tax-exempt approval?

Is the Yippiekiyay process completed online or offline?

What is the actual cost of filing for tax-exempt status?

How do your guarantees work?

“I had a wonderful surprise when we got back home last night. We have been granted tax exemption from the IRS - in under 2 months. Thanks again and nice job guiding us through this arduous process of acquiring 501(C)(3) status!

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