5 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Fundraising Efforts

Fundraising for Your Nonprofit Are you struggling to raise enough funds for your nonprofit? Have you just begun, unsure where to start?A nonprofit executive director is someone who isn’t

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Articles of Incorporation: Things to Consider Before You File

There are so many items to track when you’re considering how to start a nonprofit organization, it can make your head spin. But fear not. At Yippiekiyay, our job is to keep you on track so you’re

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Articles of incorporation: Why It’s Important to Prepare

In order to avoid making paperwork mistakes that lead to costly delays, it’s best to be prepared for every step along the way as you navigate how to start a nonprofit organization. And it starts

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Part Four of Starting a Nonprofit: How to Choose the Best Board of Directors

Starting Your Nonprofit Sweat equity. That’s how you’ve been putting the pieces of your nonprofit startup together so far. You’re working hard and doing your best to learn all the important

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Time is Money: Here’s How Yippiekiyay Can Save You Both

When it comes to filing your 501(c)3 application forms for nonprofit status, Yippiekiyay can help you do it faster—which will save you both precious time and money. Our team has years of practical

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