Congrats on your soon-to-be 501(c)3!

Here's what you need to do next...

You can pay your IRS Filing Fee now ​(recommended)...or later, prior to submission.

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Housekeeping Items

In your email, please “whitelist” 

or visit our Help Desk to obtain assistance once your file is underway.

You'll receive a "welcome" email shortly, so we can get started on your file! But on...


Three Things You Need...

In order to create your profile, you’ll need THREE items:

- Name & basic mission statement

- 3 Directors & Officers to sit on your Board (explained inside)

- A physical address - your home address is perfectly OK!


Create Your Profile!

Ready with those three items? 

Go ahead and Create Your Profile. 

If not, don’t worry – we’ll email you the link so you can do this later!

Once you do, you’ll sign your “D&A” form, we’ll file your Articles and EIN as needed, and begin building your Application for Tax Exempt Status.

You’ll get more detailed info when you create your profile. 


Yippiekiyay is now InstantNonprofit!